Podcasts to help you get into your favorite books

The only thing better than finding your new favorite book is finding other people who love it too. But when you’ve discussed it with your friends to the point they start getting angry when you bring it up, it’s time to turn to podcasts. The following go as crazy in-depth as you want to get, and as subject specific as you could possibly hope to go. Happy listening!

1) The Babysitters’ Club Club

Are you down for (very) in depth-discussions about the adventures of Kristy, Mary Anne, Claudia, Stacey, Dawn, Mallory and Jessie? Tune in to hear two grown men discuss what made them laugh, what made them cry, and “bee theory.”

2) The Losers’ Club

Are you a Stephen King Constant Reader? If you are, be prepared to spend the next three hours with people who are obsessed with SK as you. They don’t just address the good about SK’s many works- they address EVERYTHING. Including how bad he is at talking about sex.

3) Overdue

For those of us who don’t read new releases but want to feel like we’re still part of the conversation. Are you just now reading The Goldfinch? So are Craig and Andrew. Did you just now read Little House on the Prairie? So did Craig and Andrew. Tune in for non-judgey late discussions of the bestsellers of yesteryear that you’re just now getting around to.
What are your go-to bookish podcasts? Share in the comments below.

Dear Amazon: an open letter

Dear Amazon,
Look, I get it. In your quest for world dominance, you need a solid foothold in the streaming world (because literally no one is watching Mozart in the Jungle). With that being said, I need you not to touch Lord of the Rings. I understand it’s supposed to be a “prequel” or whatever; the thing is, Middle Earth has been harvested over and over again, and let’s be honest here- the well’s starting to run a wee bit dry. It’s cool, though, because instead of tapping LoTR for your inspo, there’s a bunch of other stuff you can adapt that hasn’t been beaten into the ground yet. You know Saga? The story of the interracial romance set in space featuring lots of action and sex? There’s literally a whole planet that revolves (pun intended) entirely around sex. Or, if you want less sex, but more sci-fi, you could totally do East of West. It’s dark, gritty, and violent as hell. Maybe if you’re trying to go less Game of Thrones and more “approved for all audiences,” you could jump on the “children are in right now” and do an adaptation of Lumberjanes. I’d tune in for that. OR: if you were interested in maybe not adapting White People stories, you could do a really cool take on Delicious Foods. That’s some diverse good eating right there. Or maybe Oreo? That was cool af. My point is, there’s all kinds of intellectual property out there that’s just waiting to be tapped. Theres no reason to keep going back to the same source over and over again. Try something new. Be bold. Be daring! Give us a reason to spend that kind of money on your streaming services (jk, I will never give Amazon my money ever again, but make me feel like I’m missing out!) 

I sincerely know you’re better than this,